The mysterious packages by my door this morning

This morning Rose from Hatfield called. She and her friend had seen the article about Operation Secret Santa for People in Nursing Homes – and they wanted to help. Rose called this morning and said she was just leaving her house to bring some gift items over. So, I opened the side door, got dressed presentably and waited for the doorbell to ring.

It rang…..and I went downstairs immediately and…….the packages were on the step and no sign of Rose or a car in the driveway. It seemed literally impossible to figure out. How could she have left the package, walked down the walkway, gotten into a car, and driven away …before I got to the front door!

She must have been like an angel flying in on a heavenly mission to be kind to strangers. Her gift bags were filled with an assortment of hard candies and all of her gift bags were so attractive and festive.

I am so amazed by the goodness and generosity of people like Rose. Thank God for her her giving heart!
There will be lots of smiling faces when the elderly receive her holiday treats!

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