Did you find someone to give the beautiful blanket to?

A weeks ago, I visited a facility and saw Barbara who loves receiving any little or big thing. She loves large print Bibles, inspirational cards, and anything that is religious. I don’t think she has family that visits but I can’t be 100 percent sure about that.

She is a pleasant lady and a little younger than the others. A lady from North Wales donated 4 absolutely gorgeous big lap blankets. They were made by the ladies at the Baptist Church she attends.  Every design was unique and the color of the yarn used was so attractive.

I brought two of them in with me. I saw Barbara and sort of sneaked over to her, not wanting the other residents to notice that she was getting preferential treatment…… and asked her to select the one that she wanted. She oohed and aahed and held the blue one close to her heart – with a big smile of appreciation on her face.

I said,  “Do you know of somebody in here that would like to have the other blanket?”

Oh yes, I certainly do.

Two weeks have passed and I am back again. I see Barbara.

Did you find someone to give the beautiful blanket to?

No, I kept it for me. It is such a beautiful decoration in my room. I just couldn’t give it away because I loved them both so much.

I am so glad that she has both. Because from what I know about her, she has had a very hard life. Maybe she never got gifts, maybe she was poor or felt unloved. No matter what her story, one thing is known for sure – she needed those blankets for comfort – a creature comfort from back in time, when she probably draped afghans on the back of a couch,  for a decoration.

I think that the CHURCH LADIES would be glad to know that another Baptist lady appreciates having them so much! And maybe the reason that the blankets were so comforting – did the Baptist Church ladies say a prayer of blessing for the recipients as they were making them – I just have a wonderful feeling that they did that!

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