Oh, the blanket and the white shawl…..and everything else…….

On Saturday,   I visited a facility in Montgomery County. The activity director told me everyone was excited and waiting for me. I had sent him an email about all of the gift bags filled with holiday cheer that had been donated. Just about everything was a result of the article that was in the North Penn Reporter.

I had all of my Christmas holiday videos with me. I just show a few clips that last for a few minutes of holiday singing. The residents love the songs and  the pictures.



There were a few items that were of the bigger variety – a crocheted blanket, a green fleece Christmas blanket, and a white shawl with tiny flecks of gold. I had to make a quick decision who to give these special items to – I gave them to the three ladies that are very engaged and have all of their cognitive abilities.  Why? Just because I know how much they appreciate every kindness that is shown to them. And they all looked like they needed a special lift of their spirits on Saturday.

I brought lots of boxes and gift bags and it was a beautiful sight looking at the expressions on all of the faces as they selected the one that they wanted. I held up each box with the contents and felt like an auctioneer showing my wares and asking people to raise their hands when they saw the box that had things that they liked or needed.  The mood lightened  and lots of faces brightened.

And I don’t think you will mind when I tell you something about the gift-giveaway. Most of the people in that facility never go out. They are pretty house-bound in their rooms. But they care about others, that is obvious and they wish that they had the money or the ability to be out and about again.

So, in addition to giving them each presents, I ask them if they would like a few items that they can give to someone else.

Can I have that black wallet for Margaret? She takes good care of me.

I would like that for my friend. She comes to visit me once a week.

I would like that pad of paper for the nurse who puts me to bed at night.

Can I have that pink purse for my therapist?

I would love to have that 3 pack of socks. I can keep one for myself and give the other two as Christmas gifts.

Patricia, can you leave some of the gifts in that box?  Some people did not come down today and I want them to have something too.

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