Some are so plushy and soft, I would love to snuggle them!

This is from a mom in Collegeville about what the sweet Girl Scouts did to help with my “little project.”

Hi Trisha,


Well, our troop’s Martin Luther King Day Junior Girl Scout service project was a huge success, and I’m so proud of these girls…Troop 7194 worked VERY hard, and were wonderful teachers and hosts to the some 120 other scouts of all ages and their families that we’d hosted that day.   To earn their Bronze Award, they taught 11 crafts and hosted 5 different ‘stuff’ drives, to support organizations that help children, stray cats, animals, seniors, service members, and local families in need.   So much fun!

For you, we’ve made a grand total of 79 tissue flowers, and…ready?…488 stuffed animals!   I know…wow!   So many generous folks in our community.   Some of the donations are brand new, tags on, ready to bring a smile to someone who needs a hug.   Some are so plushy and soft, I would love to snuggle them!   And some were just silly…including two purple octopus friends!   We hope that they will help your project continue to bring joy to the very special folks you serve.

So, I have it all rounded up and ready to bring to you, which I’d love to do this week – Friday? – if that would work for you.   It’s a minivan full!   If not Friday, let me know what might work for you next week, and we’ll come and say hi.  I look forward to meeting you in person!

Loved your post about Jess, and Mimi…what a blessing!

🙂 Kristen

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