Beautifully crocheted blankets

A few months ago, a lady from Montgomery County,  someone donated five beautifully crocheted blankets – they were lap blankets that her church sewing circle made for cancer patients. After the ladies completed the project, they found that the group that they had intended to give them to, did not need them. They were crushed because they had devoted so much time to creating the beautiful patterns and crocheting week after week.

Fortunately for me, someone heard about my need for lap blankets for people living in nursing homes.

As I was leaving an assisted living facility in NJ, I saw two ladies seated in their wheelchairs. I had the “blankets of many colors” in my van. I ran out and brought them in to the unit.

I told a little white lie.

My aunt made these blankets and I was wondering if you would like one.

Their faces lit up with great surprise. They both knew all of the handi-work that had gone into creating such a beautiful blankets.  And then a few minutes were spent going  back and forth deciding which one to select. I felt so good about sharing these gifts with them.

Last week, I went back to do another program. I saw Angie and Evelyn.

I treasure the blanket that you gave me last time. I was so shocked that you really GAVE it to me.

Me, too. That sure made my holiday – getting a swell gift like that.

Somehow, I think Someone up above is guiding this project. I know for sure that the two ladies meant just what they said – the gift was swell and a great treasure! Thanks to the sewing circle ladies who brought great joy to two women who needed a cozy and big day brightener – and it has brightened many days since they were first shared with Angie and Evelyn.

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