I would give Verna her eyesight back

Today  I visited with 20 ladies  and five men  who were all in wheelchairs. Their cognitive abilities were perfect. I passed an empty gift box around from one person to the other. I asked, If you could give someone a gift….to whom and what would you give?

Edna leaned to the lady seated next to her and said:  I WOULD GIVE VERNA  HER EYESIGHT BACK.

Verna reached over and touched her hand and said: Oh my, thank you very much.

Then I asked a series of questions such as WHAT MAKES A GOOD DAD?

This is what Gertrude said:

The man that loved my mother. My mother was not a pretty woman. We all could see that clearly, But when my mother got dressed up, my father would say to me,  Gertrude, go into the parlor and look at your mother. She sure looks smashing!

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