Trinkets and little gifts you might want to re-gift for seniors in nursing homes

Dear Readers,
I have been visiting nursing home residents for three years and have passed out 8,000 new and gently-used stuffed animals which the residents love to cuddle, and share with their grandchildren.
They were all donated to me by local Scouts, parents, kids doing community service projects, and just all around generous  people.
Now, we are offering a Wheel of Fortune program complete with a spinning wheel and a nice board with the sayings. We have sparkly cards to cover the letters and music in the background to make it authentic. I was wondering if anyone has any leftover party favors, presents,  or little gifts  that we could pass out since prizes are part of the real Wheel of Fortune game. I live in Chalfont, near the Montgomery Mall.
Little things that people have that are new and are no longer needed would be very much appreciated.  I think we all have a “junk drawer” of little gifts that someone gave us that we have no use for…soaps, lotion, new clothing items, notecards, etc.
I have a big box that I have wrapped decoratively. I will tell the winners to reach into the grab bag/grab box and pick a prize. Sometimes it is the LITTLE THINGS that make a person’s day a little brighter.
Is it time to re-gift? Time to get rid of things that you no longer need that will make a senior smile? We like to give gifts not only to the senior winners but to all of the residents who come out for the programs.  They are all winners in life and when participating in the game!
My daughter Katelyn is helping me with this project.
With gratitude,
Patricia Gallagher BA, MBA
Director of the Stories for Seniors Project

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