I just called Sandy – the Monkey Lady

I just finished chatting with Sandy. I said, “Hello, Monkey Lady.”

She said,”You are the new Monkey Lady!”

She is in her new apartment in Georgia, quite a distance from where she lived her whole life – in Philadelphia. She has only been there a couple of weeks.

She asked how the 300 monkeys were doing. She asked if they had been adopted yet?

Trisha, have they gone to any new adoptive homes?

I asked her if everybody down there knew about her unique monkey collection and her desire to give the 300 monkey collection away to people living in nursing homes.

She told some people but she has found that a lot of people that live in her retirement community are hard-of-hearing.  (Another reason why her precious stuffed animals are so important for nursing home residents  – a tactile way to communicate.)

Trisha, I hung one monkey on the front door of my apartment and one is hanging on my walker. I only took 6 or 8  of the “kids” with me. Most people have something  decorative hanging on the front door of their apartment, like a wreath. Something common. Nobody else has a monkey!

Sandy, how did you pick the “six kids” to bring out of the three hundred monkeys in your collection?

Trisha, it was very arbitarily.  There’s not much room so I had to take the small ones.  I am already known as the Monkey Lady and that is how  I want to be known. My son and his wife found this beautiful apartment for me  in this senior living community – it is for people over 55. I don’t like the word SENIOR but I guess that is what I am . They bought all new furniture and decorated my new apartment  so beautifully. My wonderful daughter stayed for five days and helped me get unpacked and organized. My son bought me a toothbrush holder and a soap dish – with monkeys on them so I guess my love of monkeys  is starting all over again. My husband bought me my first “kid” for one of my birthdays and I named him Max. I fell in love with Max and told my own adult children how I loved the monkey. Then, my own kids and Steve kept buying me them. Today, my son brought me candy, cookies and ice cream. My family has been great.  I miss Steve so much. I guess it hasn’t really …….I just can’t believe he is really gone.

I told Sandy that the monkeys will be on their way to three nursing homes within the week: Ivy Hill, Harlee Manor and Towne Manor. I will write the name of each resident who adopts a monkey …..and also the name of the monkey that they select  to “adopt.”

Sort of like the old Cabbage Patch craze…….when all of the dolls came with a name and a birth certificate.

I promised Sandy that I would let her know where each of her “precious monkey kids” go.  So off  I go with monkeys in tow to Norristown, Springfield and Cheltenham.

And where have the monkeys gone thus far?

Marcie and Jim from South Carolina took Lindy and Lolly Pop to give to two boys: Nathan and Eric, ages 7 and 5.

Reverend Glenda took Bonkers on her visit to a lady who had a stroke.

Reverend Hannelore from the Circle of Miracles Interfaith Servie  adopted Muddy and Bermuda  to use in her ministry.

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