Some of the monkeys were adopted today – in Norristown, PA

The residents were thrilled to select the monkey that they wanted to adopt. The activity director wrote a note to Sandy that said:

Thanks, Miss Sandy, for letting us at our  Nursing Home take on your loving monkeys. We are going to love them just like you did. Thanks again. The Residents

Here are some of the comments:

Louise adopted Snowy because he has nice brown hair like me.

John took Comet because he has a nice face.

Ruth took Eva and she is very happy to have her.

Abbie will go to Tootsie who is Deb’s sister because Tootsie has a very loving heart.

Charles, age 55, received Matombo and wants to call him Big Bad Butch and he said it will be his bed partner.

Debbie took Tootsie to give to her sister. But she might keep it for herself because she loves it.

Miss C got Dagwood and I think he is cute. I think mine is cuter than his. I am going to change his name to BO BO.

Brinnell took Koko.

Amelia adopted Cookie and said she wants to put it in her room so she can look at it every day.

Tina adopted Cootsie because he is the cutest thing that I have seen in a long time.

Dottie took Pete because he is nice and soft.

Shirley took Cow because he is little and soft.

Jose from Puerto Rico took Frosty.

Frannie, the activity aide took Muffin because she is cute and I have a two-yearold niece named Muffin.

Later in the day, I was driving with one of the big chimps sitting in the passenger seat of my van. A lady commented on how cute he was. This was at the Pine Run Community in Doylestown. Her name was Mildred. I hopped out of my car and took a monkey from a bag in the back of my van. This was the message she wanted me to pass on to Sandy.

Sandy, I was just given Greta. It was my 87th birthday on the 15th. I love him. Thank you so much.

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