I just received this unusual monkey request.

Dear Tricia,

In your monkey collection, is there a smallish, red, long-haired monkey? My youngest son (47) is still lamenting the fact that I discarded his favorite “pet”. Perhaps you can help me get out of the doghouse.
This is my response:
Wow, Hannelore. What a great request. I hope we can help.  How about if I bring my van over for a look and see……there are about 278  monkeys left from Sandy’s wonderful donation of the 300 primates. I am sure there is a twin or a close look-a-like monkey for your son. I can make a home visit tomorrow morning. My mom and I are going to be passing that way. Or on Wednesday  afternoon.
We sure don’t want that grown-up son to be upset any longer that he has to be. Thanks for letting me help the family heal from this grievous mistake of  you casting the furry critter out into the world before your little boy was ready to give him up.
Patricia C. Gallagher BA, MBA
Creator of the Send a Team of Angels Movement
Cell: 267 939 0365
Patricia welcomes interviews and speaking engagements
May be available on short notice – Philadelphia suburb

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