Monkey adoptions!

Sandy donated her marvelous collection of stuffed animals – a pristine assortment of primates – given to her by her adoring husband Steve. Some of the furry critters had little notes attached – love notes from Steve to Sandy.

Sandy, you always make me smile. Love, Steve

Sandy, I get a kick out of you. Love, Steve

Sandy, I’ll love you forever!

We started out with close to 300 but now we are down to our last few bags – all scheduled to be delivered to nursing home residents and also a couple of ministers.

This is what happened this week:

Marie had taken Monty and was loving it, holding it, kissing it

Where have some of them gone?

Kris and Tioga were adopted by Reverend Sue Tweedale.

Obamama and Ben and Jerry were  adopted by Reverend Hannelore Goodwin.

Rusty and Paddington Bear (There a few non-monkeys included with the donation!) have been requested by Reverend Terri and Reverend James.

Ida who wull be 99-years-old in January gleefully adopted Shaval.

Esther adopted Crickey.

Saundra absolutely loves Ken the monkey.

Sharon adopted Zachary.

Blanche adopted Casanova. Or was it Barbara? (Both wanted him!)

Carol liked Jimmy the ape. (I like him because he is blue. I also like Pretzel.)

Dorothy adopted Kofas.

Helene adopted Tootsie.

Katherine loves Peppers. (He’s well-behaved.)

Eleanor gleefully hugged Funky. (He’s handsome.)

One lady likes Candy the monkey because he is long!

“I would like that dog because I used to love kissing my dog.)

Clara has Pinky. (She’s so pretty.)

Walt adopted Cizo.

Helene likes Jingles because he is different.

Kaye has Fumbles.

Harry has Half-Pipe.

Rosalee has Pepper.

Sandra has Peck.

I like the one you gave me because he has a lot of shaggy hair.

I like this one because he is a cutie-pie.

He looks a little fussy.

Elizabeth has Astro because I like all tiny animals.

Barb has Benny “because he is just so cute.”


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