I could sew that flag for you.

Today I brought about 10 American flags with me to the assisted living facility. People have donated them so that I can use them as part of my Patriotic Program. One American flag is rather tattered…it is a very big one and it looks like the winds have gotten the best of it. I do not want to “retire” it which is what they call it when the flag …well, when it is ready to respectfully be burned……because you are not supposed to throw a flag away. That is what they call desecration of the flag. Marian whispered to me at the end of the program. Patricia, I could sew it for you.

The look in her eyes told me of her clear love for “Old Glory” and that she would be honored to be the one to restore the national emblem to its original condition, sewing each stitch with love and respect. (The flag pictured is not the actual one that Marian has in her room right now – but the condition is very similar.)

I didn’t want her to feel the pressure of taking on such a project. It looked like it needed a lot of work; it was  frayed, tattered,  and torn. She insisted and asked me if I would be back in December. I said that I would be because I will be delivering the gift items collected from the Operation Secret Santa for the residents of senior living communities and nursing homes. She just looked like the type of lady that always put into practice to LOVE THY NEIGHBOR and LOVE THY FLAG AND COUNTRY, TOO.

I could just picture her with a little sewing basket back in her room, struggling to put the thread into the eye of the needle. I will bet dollars to doughnuts that when I return in a month, she will have given it her best shot to give the flag a second chance.  I think Marian is probably rescuing that flag right now. People of her generation take their commitments seriously and I can tell that her cup runneth over with love for God and the USA. God bless America and may God bless Marian.

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