Some of the comments I received about “When the Sweetness Lingers On” essay

Here is the essay that wrote after two recent nursing home visits and some of the comments from people that I sent it to.


WOW!  It was so hard to read this.  Regina, my sister, is in a nursing home.  So, my heart was sad to read it!

However, it is so beautiful to hear how sweet you and your mother are to others.  I wish that there were angels like you both everywhere!  Especially here!!!  Regina would enjoy all of your visits.

You are a blessing!

God bless you and yours this Thanksgiving!

With Love,
Wanda (Detroit, Michigan)

Hi Patricia,

Wow! What a heartfelt story.  Because of you and your mission,  my girlfriend and I have agreed to a grandma or grandpa  at a local nursing home beginning January 2013.( I’m leaving town for five weeks beginning this upcoming Saturday, otherwise we’d begin now.)
See how your work in PA is affecting people’s hearts in the Midwest!
I firmly believe you should forward your editorial to the following publications:  TODAY!!!!
The Wall Street Journal
The New York Times
USA Today
ABC, CBS, NBC Evening News
CBS Sunday Morning
And any other media you can think of!
I’m serious! And why not? Think of the people you could inspire.
I thought I mailed your holiday affirmations last week and I just found them on my workbench. Yikes! I’m so sorry. The good thing is that I found an entire box of Mother’s Memory or Legacy Journals and I’d love to donate them to your cause.
And that beautiful heart of yours? There are no words to describe it.
Love and hugs,
Cheryl Karpen (Minnesota)
Gently Spoken
Home of the Eat Your Peas Collection
What a great piece.  Have you ever thought of compiling a book of stories like that?
Christa Rutelonis (Texas
I sent this to Gina and to Bernadette who have a heart for seniors.  I hope at least one of them steps up to help get this story national so more folks may do good for lonely nursing home residents.  Great work!  God bless you and your Mother and all of us.  Happy Thanksgiving.
I give thanks for the great people in this world, like you.
Oh dear Lord!  This had me in tears.It’s the ultimate sadness isn’t it?  Being at the mercy of someone  else. Having no one left who cares about you.  I think this is my bottom  line fear. Given what I see from my children I absolutely know I will not be  able to count on them for comfort or care one day. They have shown me who they  are.  When I get settled here, may I come with you some day?
Mrs. Ranerewzi

Hi Trisha,

Thank you for sharing this inspiring article – I am definitely planning on making some bags for the seniors and would truly love the opportunity to bring my son along to help you give them out.  Additionally, I think I’m going to reach out to Manor Care on 309 since its so close to home to see if I can set something up with us making visits there.Thank you for your heart and bringing to light the fact that so many people are lonely and would be so thrilled with a bit of human kindness – it doesn’t cost a thing!! I look forward to meeting you in person and ask that you PLEASE keep me in mind if anything comes up that we may be able to help with!! Have a healthy, happy and safe Thanksgiving!

All the best,


This is from my daughter who is a social worker working in the field of gerontology and gives her heart and soul every day to the residents that she cares for.

Mom, that is sooo beautiful– I am sobbing on the train (and it is the quiet
car). 😉

I love you and so happy for the work you are doing!!!



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