I am absolutely stunned – a former student’s little sister (who is now all grown up!)

Before I was married, my maiden name was Mohan. I was a fourth grade teacher in Norristown for three years. I posted something on FB about my Operation Secret Santa and I received the email below from one of my student’s sisters. The big sister was Julie – well, her little sister Amy, who was in third grade…………back in 1970………she shocked me by sending me the email below.

Dear Miss Mohan,

Ok, been doing some shopping and wondering how you would things delivered (i.e. placed in an unwrapped box or gift bag or in “bulk” along with supplies such as gift bags, boxes and bows on the side)?  Also, trying to get some things for men because that’s harder to shop for than women.  Found some lap blankets in darker shades, a watch from Big Lots for $6 and some after shave products for sensitive skin at Nordstrom Rack 🙂:-)  Am I on the right track ?   

Will try to finish up this weekend and going to Boscovs for some clothing and will deliver after that so you have it early on.

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