What some of the residents in nursing homes said this week during my visits…….

What some of the residents in nursing homes said this week during my visits:

Patricia, a letter that I received in my life?  It was the one I opened that said my brother was Missing in Action during the war. Was it WW II or Korea? I don’t remember anymore. But mothers don’t have baby boys to raise and then have them disappear and never be found again. I still cry about it. That’s why I am crying right now.

My room-mate, poor guy, he doesn’t mean it but boy, I get so irritated. I was going to throw cold water on him the other night. Well, actually, it was 3 am. He has a remote and he turns the television on. The sound and the glare of the television light wake me up. I get up and pull out the plug or sometimes I call the nurse. I can’t get back to sleep.

There is a lady in here that screams whenever they try to give her a shower. She survived the concentration camp but her parents did not. The last time she saw them was when they were being taken to “the shower.”

If I could have a plate of any food to eat right now, I would want a bowl of cereal. Cheerios.

I am feeling so sad today. We lost three good friends in here this week. Beulah, Barbara and one other lady.  I keep expecting to see them walking down the hall. I do not feel like celebrating Thanksgiving today.

Teresa is 99-years-old and so is Mary. I am in my eighties. Yes, I would like to meet a man and fall in love again. If he was the right one.  I am single now but I do not necessarily want to stay that way.

I would like to play Spin the Bottle or Post Office – that is a good memory from when I was in high school. They were kissing games.

I went to an Ivy League school and have traveled all over the world talking to psychiatrists about people who have Double Trouble – that is a mental health disorder and an addiction. You have to take care of the mental issue first before you tackle the other problem. I started 400 chapters of a support group here in the USA and 170 in other countries.

I was an opera singer.

I directed a choir for twenty years.

Something I am amazed about? That I met my husband at a skating rink. I think it was called Skyline.

I am 99-years-old and am not interested in starting a new relationship. I was married to the “best of the rest” for 60 years. How old do you think I look, about 86-years-old?

My father was wonderful. He was in the toy business and at the Christmas season, he would take toys to the kids in the poor neighborhoods.

My mother died of lung cancer. That is the day I stopped smoking – cold turkey.

Patricia Gallagher, you have an Irish name, right?  My grandfather was Irish. He was a slave owner in the 1850’s. My grandmother was one of his slaves. They had four children. One was my mother Sarah. The Irish are good people. I look African-American but see, I have blue eyes. That is from the O’ Grady side of the family. His name was Dan O’Grady.

I am retired now. I was an MP – that stands for military police.

What I loved about Thanksgiving dinner? Getting the wishbone.

I loved the Thanksgiving Day parade in Philadelphia, especially when the came around and we gave the elves our list for Santa. The elves came around with big sacks and you put your letter in the bags. Just thinking about that makes me believe in Santa again.

Patricia, thank you for the blanket but I want you to take it back and give it to someone else in here.  I like it but someone else needs it more than I do. I want to give it to someone else for love! For love on Thanksgiving Day.

I went to college and I am fluent in Spanish.

Patricia, are you giving me this afghan to really keep? Who made it for me? It is so beautiful! I don’t have to give it back? Oh my golly, I love it so much.


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