Alfreda made me four more afghans for the residents

Alfreda is 86-years-old. Her closet is filled with so much yarn……as much as A. C. Moore, I think. Why does she have so much yarn? Because she knits and crochets every night to make absolutely exquisite blankets for me to take to the senior living facilities. She has made 40 blankets for me to give away.


On Tuesday, I picked up four new ones – the patterns and designs are artistic masterpieces. And today, in Philadelphia….they brought comfort and smiles to Esther, Junior, Willie and Pauline.

One lady, a former teacher, was so sad. I asked the activity director who really NEEDED a blanket filled with love. The activity director pointed to this lady. Tears flowed but not sad ones. Real tears of disbelief that she was chosen…..and she smiled.

Then the activity director took me over to Esther. Again, disbelief that someone had made this beautiful afghan and it was being given to her – to keep! Sometimes it is just the thing that can brighten a person’s day…….a random act of kindness.

The two burgundy afghans were the “manly colors and designs” so we gave them to the two men seated in the back of the room. Yes, they loved and appreciated them so much.

I think Alfreda is an angel, don’t you? She makes gifts of love for me to give to people ……her gifts of love arrive when least expected and just at the moment that they are needed!


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