It can be hard on a family when a loved one is in a nursing home…..a sister’s thoughts

Dear Patricia,

You are truly a blessing.  Yes, it is so difficult to see my sister in a nursing home.  I understand how you felt concerning your Aunt Mary.  Yes, I do.

The thing that keeps me lifted up is that my sister is HAPPIER and much more BRIGHTER by each of our visits and concerns for her.  She loves seeing us!  WE TRULY LOVE SEEING HER, TOO.  Although it is painful for her to be in that area and surroundings…..and we struggle to accept it……we are thankful that we can have time together.  Just to hold her hand, kiss her face, give her hugs, bring her things she likes…..and to be there to listen to her talk…..that….is amazing.

You wonderful why God…..why is my sister here?  Why her?  Why couldn’t she just bounce out of depression and worry?  You pray and pray and……why?

God wants me to look at the bigger picture.  It is more about me stretching out to do MORE and BE MORE for someone who needs help….MOSTLY LOVE!  Can I be more loving?  Can I be more understanding?  Can I feel more concerned about someone who is hurting….so deeply?

There are answers for all of this….and God wants to see me be that person who can love deeply and sincerely…..BE LIKE HIM.
God wants me to be sweeter, kinder, lovelier, and so on!


Wanda – Detroit, Michigan

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