I know my father is very lonely and would love the interaction that you provide with the stuffed animals.

Hello Patricia,

My name is Michelle and I live in the Doylestown Area.  I was reading an article in the Intelligencer about Alfreda,  an 87-year-old woman   who can’t sit still while she is watching television  and crochets blankets and donates them to your program Stories for Seniors.  The author, Phil Gianficarlo,  mentioned an article he wrote about you and your wonderful mission to make people happy.
I have two daughters, 7 & 9, who absolutely LOVE collecting stuffed animals! However, there are only so many we can actually play with in the house at any one time.  I have at least a white trash bag full of once loved animals that could use some love themselves.
My father (who suffered a stroke 2 years ago) and my grandmother (who just recently passed away) both live(d) in a convalescent home in California that my mother works at.  We visited them this summer, and I now understand exactly what you mean.  I know my father is very lonely and would love the interaction you provide.
I would love to know if you could take these loving animals and give them up for adoption to your worthy residents.   If you are in desperate need, I wouldn’t mind contacting my MOM’s Club friends here in Buckingham to see if they also have any donations.
Even if you cannot use the animals, I want to thank you for what you do.
Thank you very much.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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