Story Idea for media and parenting websites – my new Christmas audio book

I am so excited about my new audio book – just in time for families to start a new holiday tradition. My real “job” is being an author. My real fun is visiting the seniors in older adult living communities. So the kid in me………and the one who still believes in Santa Claus and the goodness in the world loves writing for children and their parents,  and visiting the elderly.

‘Tis the season for holiday stories and Patricia
Gallagher has one that is sure to become a classic.
Invite her on your show to hear how she and her family
created “Christmas on Lindbergh Mountain,” and why it’s
so special. Gallagher is best known for her parenting
books and creating Team of Angels–landing her two
appearances on Oprah as well as other major TV shows.
The tale itself is magical, but it’s the story behind
the book that will have your audience laughing with
delight. Your listeners can even download her Reindeer
Food recipe, Santa photo and map of the North Pole.
Contact Patricia at (267)939-0365 (cell);
Permission is granted to re-print her yummy treats, holiday tradition tips,  and family on a budget gift ideas –   found on her website,  for any purpose, publication or website provided credit is given.

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