Funny how a little bear can touch a man who is long past being a kid.

You know how you can look at someone and think that fellow has had a hard life. Maybe it was the wheelchair or the facial deformity, but there was something in his eyes that said he needed a fluffy teddy bear with the red crinkled bow. Sue donated several bags of bears, all brand-new, with tags still hanging from the paws. I gave him one and he beamed a wonderful smile.

I went out to the car and brought in two more. Now, you have triplets. One for you and two for you to pass out to your friends down the hall.  By the look on Ronnie’s face, you would have thought I gave him a million dollars. I glanced back at him and just saw an expression I will never forget. He was just smiling down at the faces of the little bears, smiling like a little kid on Christmas morning. Funny how, a little bear can touch a grown  man who is long past being a kid.

You don’t understand, Miss, a lot of people in here are lonely. Have a nice day.

I asked the nurse on duty how many people do not have visitors. She answered, “75%.”

Can you imagine living with the normal emotions of sorrow, frustration, despair, suffering and fear without having a relative or friend to call? Nervous about having an upcoming thyroid operation at age 94, upset with another resident who called you a name, sad because your birthday is coming up on December 20 and you have no family that visits?

Enduring things like that alone……..that is why the gifts that people share with me to give to the residents are so important. Thank you, everyone who has helped over the past three years!

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