My son Stanley passed away when he was only 7. He never liked his name.

What happened today at a nursing home:

Angelina was all dressed in pink – a light pink turban, soft fluffy cotton candy pink pajamas and a pastel pink robe. She looked peaceful and pretty in pink. I gave her a pink bracelet purchased by Amy who brought over gifts for 20 people. She bought five bracelets at Boscov’s. Angelina was so excited opening the white jewelry box with the soft cotton in it.

I love pink and oh, how I love this bracelet and the pink hand soap and the box of candy.

I went to the doctor’s office the other day and I have to have an operation. I am 94-years-old but I am trying not to be afraid. The Good Lord has kept me safe throughout my life. See the picture over there on the radiator. That is a picture of one of the young men that work here. His baby picture. It looks like my Stanley. He passed when he was only 7 – never had a chance to ever be bad. He was such a good little boy. The hospital said he had back spasms and that is why he died.  I don’t know. I just don’t know. I didn’t have an education. We had four girls and we couldn’t sit around – not with our Mama. She made us work for her and others. That is how we survived. When Stanley died, my mother told me not to sit around crying, to get up…….she said if God wanted me to have Stanley, He would have kept him here on earth. She didn’t let me grieve. She was tough. Stanley is always close to my heart.

I was never expecting any presents. Today is like my Christmas, like Santa Claus just came into this room. Who gave you these presents? Give her a big hug and kiss from me. You came in here all loaded with holiday cheer.

I had a man once. Not a good one. Well, he wasn’t all bad. He worked hard but he liked to go, go, go. Out all of the time and not with me, either. I would say why don’t you go to church with me? His Mama was a nice person but she practically lived in the church…..and he got sick of church. So, she spoiled it for me. By the time, I got married to him, he would have no part of church. He told me that no preacher could teach him anything in a Sunday service that he couldn’t read in the Bible.

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