This mom and her son just dropped off an amazing donation of wonderful items for the elderly!

Hi Trisha, I hope all is well – I cant believe that the holiday season is here and flying by so quickly already!!I am planning on making up about 3-5 bags for your Operation Secret Santa for People in Nursing Homes. If you have a schedule in mind for when you are planning on delivering in the Montgomeryville area I d love to come along with my son Jake to help distribute, otherwise I’ll just drop off our donations.I look forward to hearing from you and meeting in person!Have a great afternoon! 


OMG, OMG Nicole. I will call you on Monday. I am still in shock with all of the beautiful items from your family. I cannot even imagine all of the expense and time that you spent purchasing and packaging these absolutely marvelous gifts for the seniors. I am mentally thinking of who each one will go to. You and Jake are so kind. I look forward to talking to you by phone about all that you did to help with the OPERATION SECRET SANTA FOR PEOPLE IN NURSING HOMES.
With gratitude,

Good morning Trisha,

It was our pleasure – I am glad to know that you think the items will be appropriate. 

For several years now my husband’s family and us have decide to forego gift exchanges for each other and instead take the money we would have spent and give to a good cause. We typically adopt a family and this year I happened to come across your program for seniors and took a portion of the kitty and made the bags.

I’ll be sure to pass along your note to the rest of the family members and I plan on bringing  my son to a nursing home visit with you  tomorrow afternoon – I think its worth pulling him out of school to have the experience – he is actually sort of excited about it J!

I look forward to meeting you tomorrow –have a great day!!




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