Seriously, Alfreda, I will go with you!

Alfreda made three more beautiful creations – lap blankets for me to bring to local nursing home residents. Something bright and pretty that says someone cares.

That brings the total up to 44 crocheted blankets in the most exquisite patterns, in a rainbow of vibrant colors. I asked her today how many skeins of yarn are needed for each blanket. And what is the cost of each skein of yarn?

Each blanket takes about 3 skeins of yarn and each skein costs about nine dollars. I buy them at A.C. Moore or Michael’s Arts and Crafts. .

The yarn is piled high on the “worktable” which is a closet in her living room. Creamy white, green, and bluebird blue.

I quickly calculated that this amazing 87-year-old lady spends almost thirty dollars of her own money for the materials to make one blanket……for me to give to strangers…..people she will never know. Not to mention the time to create each blanket.

Alfreda, who is known as Freddie to her friends back in Dearborn, Michigan misses her life back there. She began working at the Ford Motor company when she was 20-years-old and worked there until she retired – when she was 76-years-old.

The words work-ethic and loyalty are intrinsically what Freddie is all about. She showed us a scrapbook that her co-workers made for her. What I noticed most were the words that described the type of person she is:

She would spring into action to help anyone. Understanding.  Thoughtful

Always had a listening ear. Resilience and determination. Kind. Generous. Smart. Helpful. Always had a candy dish on her desk – with treats free for the taking. Even people from other departments stopped by her desk for candy and a visit.

She wanted to keep on working but they were facing layoffs. She could accept a buy-out. They offered her a package to “retire” ……..what would she do with all of the time on her hands? Her husband has passed away. She had a mini-stroke and her niece who lives in Pennsylvania thought that it would be best if Freddie moved to Pennsylvania. Then she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Freddie has one wish – her dream is to go back to Dearborn one more time, to visit the cemetery where her parents and are husband are. Taking a flight might be taxing on her because she is afraid of losing her balance. She just got a cane but hasn’t started using it. I just have to go back there one more time.

Seriously, Alfreda, I will go with you. We could rent a car and I would drive there or we could fly and I could be your travel companion. I won’t let you fall. Are you ready? Let’s go. It’s the least I can do to repay your kindness. Brrrr. I know that it is cold in Michigan in the winter but there is no time like the present to go back and visit your co-workers at Ford.  Give me a call. Let’s make this happen!

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