Penny and the Beanie Babies, Frogs and Snowmen

Penny called last week and said she had lots of stuffed animals – from her own collection as well as her grand-daughter’s menagerie. Two big boxes, probably 100 furry critters and five brightly colored fleece blankets. So bright and early today, she came over to my house. I knew right where I wanted to take them but my time was limited because I had another commitment at noon today. I said to my mother who is 86-years-old, Do you want to take a ride down with me to take the presents to the ladies? My mother looked at all that I was carrying into the nursing home and said that I would never be able to deliver 40 stuffed animals in a half hour.

It was just so providential how it unfolded. I pushed the elevator button to the second floor. No one was sitting in the lobby as they usually are. I looked into the lunch room and saw a large group of residents. I went from person to person placing a stuffed animal on their laps or tucked the furry critter into the side of the wheelchair. I had EXACTLY THE RIGHT NUMBER OF GIFTS – 45 people….so the five blankets and 40 stuffed animals were the “Santa-Approved” gifts shared with the very appreciative residents!

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