“I told you, Miss, there is NO SANTA. You don’t get gifts NO MORE.”


She looked into my mother’s eyes and said, “There is no Santa Claus anymore or babies either..or any children. You never see children anymore. Not when you are in here. I used to see mothers walking down the streets with baby carriages and fathers playing in the park with their children. Now I just see sick and old people.”

My mother looked into her eyes and said, “If Santa came in here today, what would you want him to bring you?”

“I told you, Miss, there is NO SANTA. You don’t get gifts NO MORE.”

“But what if he did come here, what would you like?”

“I would like an old-fashioned nightgown like the one I have on. It is heavy flannel and it is very warm. My grandmother used to wear this kind. When I wear it, I think of my grandmother. I did not have any siblings but I was close to my cousins and my granny.”

And where is my 86-year-old mother right now?

She is back at the Montgomery Mall…..looking for a old-fashioned nightgown for the lady at the nursing home in Germantown.

She went to Macy’s yesterday but no luck. She is going to try Sears and Penney’s this afternoon.

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