I just received this email from a resident who lives in an independent apartment at a senior living community.

inspiration_cards_1img443eat your peas book coverYesterday, I passed out a book titled EAT YOUR PEAS to each resident. I thought that I did not have enough books so I said that we were just going to use them for the program….and then I would collect them so I could use them for a discussion for the next visit. Well, guess what? I had exactly the right number so I decided to tell everyone that they could keep them……as gifts from my friend, Cheryl Karpen, who wrote the book and donated them to me to give to nursing home residents. Oh, how fun it was to ask each resident to just close their eyes and randomly open a page……and comment on the saying or share their thoughts about anything in the book. The hour flew by……and nobody wanted the discussion to end.

I just received this email from a resident who lives in an independent apartment at a senior living community.
Patricia, Thank you for coming, and thank you for “Eat Your Peas” We know our daughter Caroline is going to appreciate it so much!

My email to Cheryl who is the author who donated them to me.

Hi Cheryl,

I hope you are having a wonderful time in Florida. Your Eat Your Peas book and all of the inspirational cards continue to be a part of every program that I offer….16 senior living places just in the month of December. I love all of your affirmation cards…..they just open up so many different topics for discussion. We say them aloud as affirmations. Hundreds of residents in Pennsylvania have your sayings posted on their mirrors or in a book as a bookmark.

Right now, I am having fun with the ones that say I AM SO VERY PROUD OF YOU and I BELIEVE IN YOU. No matter how old you are, we yearn for someone to say those words to us. The residents and I say the expressions to each other….. just picture the room filled with people in their eighties……in wheelchairs, stretchers and walkers……Our discussions go in so many different directions with your expression of self-love.

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