I gave Rosie a gift bag that contained fluffy pink slippers and a box of chocolates.

What happened at the nursing home today:

This is the only Christmas card that I got this year, Patricia. Please thank the lady Amy that signed this card and sent it to me.

You did a good job, Patricia. You really kept everything moving like clockwork. I was a psychology professor and I will give you an A plus for what you are doing – passing out all of these presents.

Bette was crying as we sang Silent Night. The whole roomful of residents were singing it with all of their hearts. I asked Bette what it meant to her. She said it reminded her of her mother Bessie. Liza had donated a big bear with a green ribbon tied around the Teddy Bear’s neck. I had been using the bear as a “prop” on my previous visits. Everybody hugged the bear, named the bear and shared a memory about a Teddy Bear. This Teddy had been put to use in that way with about 100 residents. I knew that his tour of duty in that capacity was finished. I brought the “Liza Bear” over to Bette. “Bette, this is from your mother Bessie. She wants you to have him to hold right now.” She stopped crying and held him tightly. “I am going to sleep with him.” Mission accomplished! Thank you, Liza.

I was in the elevator with my mother on my way to bring presents to the third floor. A lady helped me when I dropped some of my packages. I asked if she was going to visit someone and she said her father had just had his leg amputated. I had three of Alfreda’s beautifully crocheted blankets in my arms. I asked if her father had been a Veteran because I had a masterpiece design of a red, white and blue lap blanket. She said that he had never been in the Armed Forces. I gave her a choice of the three blankets and she chose the patriotic one because “My father loves America!” There is no doubt that her father needed special comfort today!

I gave Rosie a Christmas gift bag that contained a pair of fluffy hot pink socks, a box of chocolates and hand lotion that said VANILLA ROSE on the front. Rosie had her leg amputated due to diabetes a few years ago. Chocolate is contraband, verboten! But she was thrilled just to have it on hand to offer to the visitors to her room – the people who get her ready for bed or come on to bring her meals. She made such a fuss about how much she needed the hand lotion and then I thought about the sock/slippers. She only had one foot……..it gave me pause to just picture that……how she really only needed one. She said, “When I first lost my leg, they came in to measure me for a new pair of shoes. The person said that I only needed one shoe now. I began to cry. One shoe. Not a pair. I demanded that I have a PAIR of shoes. I did not want to ever accept the fact that I did not need two shoes.” And I guess that is how she felt when she received the gift of the pink fluffy slippers donated by Bev.

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