I am so glad that I had 400 HUGS – just little critters filled with loving thoughts


Someone donated two gigantic boxes of HUGS. You can find them being sold all over the world in specialty shops and major chain stores. I opened the boxes delivered by UPS three weeks before Christmas. I had 16 nursing home visits scheduled for December and guess what? I HAD EXACTLY THE NUMBER THAT I NEEDED TO GIVE EACH PERSON A PRESENT. Each package had the cute little figurine critter and a special poem verse was printed on the box. And each HUG had a little gift box with the words TO SOMEONE SPECIAL.

I was driving through Philadelphia on Christmas Eve and was feeling a little overwhelmed by a personal matter and to tell you the truth, I didn’t feel like doing a good deed. But I knew that there were people in the nursing home that I was passing who I felt were the poorest of the poor. Financially poor but also family visitor poor, too. I looked at the box of 24 HUGS placed on the passenger seat of my car. Do I have time to go in? Does it really matter to anyone if I go in there?

I had a few other reasons not to bother but……a little voice guided me TAKE THE HUGS TO THE SECOND FLOOR LUNCH ROOM.

It was a very gloomy sight. People eating quietly. No conversation. No chatter or Christmas cheer. I opened the red box and just went to each person and said, “Merry Christmas!” Faces lit up. I heard laughter. I saw smiles. I heard people talk.

And I went back out into the cold Philadelphia air feeling so happy. Happy that someone gave me HUGS and that I could pass them on to people who probably only received one gift this year – a CHRISTMAS HUG from a kind lady who donated so many. From a lady that I never met.

From a kind lady who understood life in a nursing home. Her dear mother had lived with her for most of her adult life but towards the end, she needed more care than home care. She had seen the depression in some of the residents when she visited her mother. When she heard that I welcomed little gifts, she reached out to help. I heard a soft voice on my cell phone voice mail message:

“You don’t know me, Trisha, but I wanted to send you some little gifts for your nursing home visits.”

She understood first hand the healing power of HUGS, the real ones when people embrace and the little ones that touch peoples’ hearts….especially those that have not felt a REAL hug in a long time.

And so I want to tell her that they reached 400 people this month – people who needed reassurance, love, encouragement, healing…..the little HUGS said to each resident, “Someone cares about you.”

I think she is a holiday angel! Thank you so much!


Hi Trisha,
No need to thank me. I’m happy that they have an outlet through you to cheer up people who would otherwise not get uplifted for even a short time.
Hugs, Tina

From: Patricia Gallagher Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2012 8:03 PM
Subject: How the HUGS were so loved by everyone

Hi Tina,
I cannot thank you enough for the generous gift of the HUGS. I do not know exactly how many you sent….about 400…. but I do know it cost you close to a thousand dollars to buy them and send them to me….or more. I still am in awe of your kindness for the second year. I was so excited each time, I carried my HUGS box in and someone opened it with a pair of scissors and just oohed and aahed upon seeing the variety of HUGS. I wish you could have seen the joy that they brought to 16 retirement communities. I am wishing you a very wonderful New Year filled with lots of blessings.
With gratitude,

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