I had promised my daughter presents for the facility where she works.

fleece blanketsI had promised my daughter presents for the facility where she works. She loves her job and the residents. She works in a special residential unit for people who suffer from emotional problems. I was out of gifts. All of the ones that I had collected before Christmas had been distributed. “I am sorry, Kate. I do not have anything left. Not even any stuffed animals.”

“That’s okay, Mom. I will run to CVS and see if they have any little items on sale. Maybe some of those fleece blankets, candy and slipper socks. But I really can’t afford to do that. I have my mortgage, my car payment, my phone bill….and I am only working 19 hours a week. They cut my hours down so much.”

The phone rang. It was Bev.

Hi Patricia, you may not remember me but my co-workers and I collected things for your Operation Secret Santa last year….and we were really late bringing them over to you. Well, this year, we are late again. Can I have your address? I will try to bring them over tonight. We have chocolates, slippers, socks, stuffed animals, a few shirts for men, fleece blankets, Chap-Stick, lots of drug store items like shampoo, body wash, shaving cream, some Christmas pillows and blankets and plenty of miscellaneous things that we think the residents will like. We had fun collecting everything and hope that it is not too late for you to pass things out. It is a busy time of year where we work. We wanted to bring some gifts of holiday joy. I will bring everything to your door late tonight.

The day after Christmas, Kate called me again. Mom, everybody asked me if you were bringing the gifts again this year.

Never fear, Katelyn. You are not going to believe this but a lady just brought over some big bags filled with gifts. I will be over in a half hour.

Katelyn and I spread the presents on the table. Each resident selected five presents.

Thank you to Bev and her co-workers for being Angels of Caring! Christmas gifts had come right on time for Katelyn’s special friends.

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