It made our family stronger and closer.

I asked the residents to share a memory about Christmas at their childhood home.

One lady who is blind and had been a teacher told me this account of their Christmas tree. Well, actually, they never had one. They could not afford to buy one.

The week before Christmas after the man left that took care of selling the Christmas trees, we would go and pick up the leftover greens that were laying on the ground. We would carry bundles of greens home and then on Christmas Eve, we would get red twine and tie the red twine on the green branches. All of the kids helped. My mother looked a little grim-faced. Believe it or not, they were happy times even though we were pennilessly poor.

I asked her if there was a student that she would never forget. Oh yes, that would be Henry. He came to kindergarten already knowing how to read. He was so advanced for a little tyke, just five-years-old.

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