The little dolls donated by Louise’s friend

baby doll 2baby doll pinkLouise is connected to a very active church community and over the past three years, her friends have donated hundreds of plush stuffed animals – but this last bag contained lots of baby dolls as well as a few pooches and cats. This is what happened today when I offered a doll to each resident. First just to hold in their arms and share a thought about a baby. I wasn’t sure if I would collect them and share with the next group of residents on the third floor. But it seemed like these couple of dolls were destined to be adopted by residents on the second floor. I asked people what they would name the baby –
Tootsie, Jennifer, Ethel, Angela……….

l looked on in awe as Doris rocked the baby doll. Her eyes were closed. She hugged the baby and clasped her hand to the baby’s finger. ” I can keep her, right?”

I asked, Doris, why do you like the doll?

Because I was a labor and delivery nurse for thirty years. Babies were my business. The babies needed my help, especially the sick little ones. That is where my heart belongs….where I yearn to be again. Delivering a baby is the greatest mystery in human history, that is my opinion. It is not a coincidence that you gave me a baby doll and that man got the golden retriever puppy stuffed animal. Everything happens for a reason. I love this baby doll. And sometimes, I get homesick and I will have the baby to sleep with.

An 85-year-old man held the doll and said, “This so reminds me of my father. He had clear blue eyes just like this doll. Not me, I have hazel eyes. It sends a tingle down my spine to see his eyes again.”

“A baby doll for me. That is one of my favorite things. I think the reason I got this baby doll is because it is the Christmas season and this baby to me is Baby Jesus. Day and night, Mary watched over the Infant Child. I cannot believe you are giving me this baby doll.”

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