You were my fourth grade teacher! Miss Mohan

I was doing a program at a nursing home in Montgomery County in October. I heard someone exclaim, “That is my fourth grade teacher Miss Mohan!”

It had been a long time since then. 1973. In Norristown. This little fourth grader was now in her late 40’s.

You still look the same, Miss Mohan but I recognized your voice first.
My mother just came to live here and she is not happy about it. We couldn’t care for her at home and she could not take care of herself. They have her up on this floor and she doesn’t belong here. Most of the people here have dementia. I have been calling the administrators so she can be assigned to the first floor. It is hard for me and my boyfriend to come to visit her because she is mad at me for bringing her here. I told her, Mom, you can’t be so pessimistic and yell at me…………or I won’t want to come here. Really, Miss Mohan, it gets me so down to go there.

Then in November, I saw a FB message:

My mother was moved to the first floor and she is adjusting well.

Then in December, another FB message:

My mother met a man in the nursing home and she fell in love. They are going to get married in February. I am taking dinner over to the two little lovebirds now!

Oh my gosh, I was so happy and excited for Mrs. C. And for my former student. It would be easier on her now because her mother would not need her as much.

Then I got this email:

Miss Mohan,
I’m sorry to tell you but my Mom’s fiancé passed away yesterday. She is devastated. If you have any volunteers that would like to visit with her that would be great.
Happy holidays to you and your family.

And then another email the following day:

Miss Mohan, I went to see my mom today. She was crying off and on. Her fiancé died taking a nap. It was sudden. He was fine before his nap. He had heart problems and breathing issues. But no one expected he would die so soon!! It was a shocker!! Hope you enjoy the holidays! I love the blanket you gave me! I use it every day!!

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