Kay’s Birthday

Kay’s Birthday

Sometimes you just have to do something when you hear that there is a resident who may have no family members or friends to pay a visit on a birthday. Kay’s only sister lives on the other side of the USA and her two brothers are in prison. I posted that I would like to take a cake there on December 20 and have a little celebration for her. I guess because of so much going on with the holidays, I did not get much of a response. But the response that I did get was quite special.

A young woman who recently moved here from South America made a beautiful brightly colored card for Kay. A true work of art created with water color paints. She wrote a very warm message. I do not know Jen and she does not know Kay. She sent the card to me and offered to go with me to bring a cake and some balloons. And the words on the card were written in perfect English. Even though, Jennifer lived in Venezuela all of her life…the family that lived next door to her was from Chicago….and the American family taught her family to speak English by just playing outside as kids all of her life. She is only 27-years-old and has a degree in Industrial Engineering. She is looking for a job in the Phila area.

Kristen, a mother of four, from Collegeville, made a burgundy heart-shaped craft, a beautful little pillow/ornament/keepsake with an embroidered message of faith, hope and love. All wrapped up! At a time when Kristen was also all wrapped up with four kids, a home, a church ministry, a husband, a small home business, Scouts, homework…..how does she do all of this? Because she has a BIG HEART and loads of energy. She not only made the beautiful gift but she wrote a lovely message to Kay. One that Kay will treasure. And a message to me too. About how her family is involved in a faith ministry that helps people who come out of prison with employment. She said that her family would pray for Kay’s brothers. Wow, two great birthday gifts from Kristen, one tangible and beautiful and the other spiritual and beautiful!

They both did all of this right in the midst of the busy holiday gift-giving and shopping season.

Actually, on the night that I planned to go to take a cake and balloons, one of my daughters wanted to come over and decorate the tree and introduce me to her new boyfriend. Both things were very important but in this case, I opted to spend time cooking for my guests and having some family holiday fun.

I took the cards to Kay the following day and she appreciated them so much. She was overjoyed.

And I appreciated Kristen and Jennifer’s sweet gestures. Talk about Love Thy Neighbor……both definitely put that into practice. A young woman from Venzuela, a mom of four from the suburbs and a lonely elderly lady in Philadelphia all connected by wonderful birthday wishes.

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