The missing adult child has an unusual first name.

I thought he looked a tiny bit familiar but he said he had only been at this facility for about 18 months and I had not been there for two years. We started talking about families and he said, Would you like to hear my sad story? My first wife died and my second wife kicked me out. And two of my kids are great; they went to college, one is a successful financier and my daughter has a Master’s degree. My third son, I do not know if he is even alive.

What is his name?

He told me and I remembered. I had talked to him before and he told me his son had been rebellious, and vanished. He thought he might be homeless somewhere in Philadelphia.

One of my friends worked with the homeless and managed a database with all of the people who had received any social services while living on the streets. Two years ago, I had given her the information about David’s son and no luck.

Nothing with his name showed up. So now two years later, a nice man wonders aloud to me – What happened to my boy? What could I have done differently while raising him? Where is he? Will I ever see him again?

I used to say yes to the hope in my heart that he would find me and come back to me. So I sit and watch television most of my days.

Let me think….did Dave smile at all while I was visiting him? Just a wee smile as he talked about an invention that he patented and how he volunteered with the fire company.

The conversation turned to the three strokes that he had…the first when he was only 36. He was in the Navy and is now in a wheelchair permanently.

The missing adult child has an unusual first name.

I wonder if the phone will ever ring. Will the son ever be on the end of the line with his voice cracking saying, “I am so sorry, Dad.”

Will Dave ever collapse into his son’s arms? What was his son running away from? What were the demons that caused his son to live on the street, far from a comfortable home in the suburbs?

I don’t know but if you have a minute, can you please say a prayer for David and his son? Even if the phone rings at 2:30 in the morning, it would be a happy reunion call.

I hope the Good Lord can help us look for a son who is lost …..and hopefully can be found, and returned to the loving arms of his dad, sitting in a wheelchair, watching television and waiting for the most important call of his life.

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