From a lady in England….

I found your wonderful site when I was googling “storytelling for the elderly.”

My name is Pippa and I am storyteller and musician.

What attracted me to write was the pictures I saw of the elderly with stuffed toys. My mother died in July aged almost 100, with most of her faculties still there almost to the end.

A couple of months as she was beginning to get frailer, we decided to give her something to hug when we were not there (she was in a lovely care home). We gave her a teddy bear and she loved it, talked to him, sometimes in humour, sometimes almost for real, and it was there in her arms when she died.

The caregivers at the home were quite bemused and heartened by it and we said to them – I think all all elderly people in care homes should have a teddy bear!

We are going back to tell stories to the residents and staff during National Storytelling Week and I will tell them about your website!

With best wishes

Patricia Gallagher

11:39 PM (55 minutes ago)

to pippa

Thank you so much, Pippa, for taking the time to write and share your story about your mom and the teddy bear. Sometimes, I wonder if what I do is worth the time I spend on it….so receiving an email from you really helps me to be motivated to continue. I am wishing you the best with your exciting projects, as well.

Happy New Year from your new American friend,


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