What happened today at the nursing home visit……

ChurchI love doing my programs.


I loved my church, Our Lady of Consolation. I was in charge of the choir for 26 years. Whenever I was in my church, I knew that was where I was supposed to be where God wanted me. My faith is the most important thing to me….without it, I have nothing. (Our Lady of Consolation Church was founded in 1917 to serve the Italian immigrant families that were moving into the Tacony area at that time.)

I am turning a century old on February 17. I was born in 1914 in Latvia. I lived through two World Wars…WW I which I don’t remember and WW II which I remember everything. Communism was there..then gone for awhile and then back again. Do you know about Siberia? My brother was taken to a prison there. We went to Germany and many other countries…I can’t remember them all. That was a long time ago. Work? What kind? I did all kinds. When you are new to a country and cannot speak the language, you do any kind of job that you can find.

You mean I can keep this rabbit. Honestly, you do not want it back, I just want to cuddle it and keep it warm and it keeps me warm too.

Thanks for playing that song for us. Baby, It’s Cold Outside. I love Bing Crosby and Doris Day singing that. Whoever wrote that song probably made about a billion dollars.

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