She was pretty and liked pretty things – like Edna’s beautiful blanket.

When Esther’s mother passed away, she left a lot of love and memories behind and her loving daughter wanted to be sure that her things were being passed along to people who would appreciate them. This week I visited 4 senior living communities toting handmade blankets knitted and crocheted by Edna – masterpiece type blankets that told stories about Edna’s life.

There was the beautiful pink and white afghan with the roses. I gave that to a woman who when I asked her favorite memory from the past said, “When I won the Miss Teen pageant and $1,000.”

She was pretty and liked pretty things – like Edna’s beautiful blanket.

Another lady said that her birthday was coming up. She poked around in the shopping bag with handles that held note cards, costume jewelry and knick knacks. Her smile said it all.

“I used to love getting letters from the boys in the service. We signed the outside of the envelope SWAK which meant sealed with a kiss. And I dabbed perfume on my letters.”

Is anyone Irish?

A couple of hands were raised and I gave the Kelly Green blanket to Danny who then kindly gave it to another lady who wanted it too.

And then there was the blanket with a fox hunt scene. That went to Dorothy who wrapped it around her shoulders.
“This one smells like my husband. He used to wear Prince Albert cologne.”

So for an hour today and an hour on Thursday, Edna’s stuffed animal collection, jewelry and knick knacks were gifted to people who smiled and appreciated every little thing.

And her items inspired conversation about the good old days – Perry Como, Andy Griffith, a 1944 Mercury, memories of dancing in wonderful ballrooms, old-fashioned Easter outfits, and old time piano music.

And who would have known that Hildegard met Martin Luther King at the White House at a special dinner and Oprah Winfrey at an event in NYC. Angela and her husband were personal friends of MLK and he visited their home frequently.

Edna was devoted to making people happy during her 90 years on earth and she is still doing that from Heaven above. Just ask the 44 people who have received gifts from Edna this week!

One thought on “She was pretty and liked pretty things – like Edna’s beautiful blanket.

  1. Hi
    Thank you so much for that wonderful tribute to Edna – she is smiling down on us and that pink hankie was no accident. I think it was a sign that she wanted to let us know that she knew you were there to pick up her things to spread joy and smiles to others. It was a win win situation all the way around. I am so happy that I read this first thing this morning – what a wonderful way to start my day, a Sunday with my family and now I can share this story of Edna’s Things with them too. \
    We will continue to find things that will bring joy – I know there are many more things around and Edna will remind me of where they are and I will seek them out for your senior friends.\
    God Bless you and your thoughtful and never ending efforts on the behalf of others.\Hugs
    \Esther (Edna’s Proud Daughter)

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