Edna’s spirit of joy and famous gifts for a SMILE, lives on.

My friend Esther donated lots of goodies for me to take on my nursing home visits. Esther sent the message shown below to her friends and family.

A little warm and fuzzy for you all to enjoy

A friend of mine, Patricia Gallagher, does a program for Seniors in nursing homes
and recently she came by for tea and we chatted for hours
and then I donated a lot of things to her for her program.

Many of these things were Mom Mom’s (Edna’s) and
some were things I had around and some were things
I had purchased and had “extra’s” of.

We are downsizing in every room, getting ready to move, and so I collected a few
bags of things. Trisha was so happy to receive them.
There were lap blankets, teddy bears, stuffed animals,
knick knacks, old costume jewelry, note paper, things
that didn’t have any real monetary value, but I knew that
someone would have a use for them.

Trisha was the perfect person. She took all I had collected
and in the next few days visited 4 senior centers in Bucks

She gathers seniors in a little circle and pulls things out
of a bag and starts a discussion – amazing things come from these
wonderful elderly people who want to talk and tell “their story.”
Some of the things from my bags triggered wonderful memories
for them and so the discussions started.

One lady said her favorite memory was when she won a Miss Teen
Pageant (many many years go) and a $1.000.” The roses on a blanket\
that Mom Mom had made triggered that wonderful memory for her.
Trisha said she was still a pretty lady and loved pretty things like Edna.
The blanket became hers to cherish.

Next there was a bright green fleece throw. Trisha said, “Is anyone Irish?”
A man and woman both raised their hands and Trisha gave the throw to Danny.
Danny, in turn, gave the blanket to the lady who also raised her hand. His act
of kindness pleased him so. Win Win situation!

The stories go on and on and the Seniors (44 in all) were lifted up and happy
and smiling when Trisha left. Each one got to choose a gift from the bag
and had something new to think about, to hold onto and to enjoy.

My point to all of this, is to let you all know that Mom Mom (Edna) is
still ” giving”
and her spirit of joy and famous gifts for a SMILE, lives on.

There is a write up on this at https://storiesforseniors.wordpress.com

Check out this website and add a comment if you would like!

Enjoy your day – I know I am!!!
Aunt Esther

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