I want that blanket!

What happened at the nursing home today:

I want that blanket! The one with the pink ribbons on it for breast cancer awareness. No, don’t give it to her. I want it. I do not have any breasts anymore. I need that one. Give it to me.

As I gave her the pretty pink blanket, made with warm pink flannel, she settled down a bit and placed the cozy blanket on her lap and then wrapped it around her shoulders. Although she was the cranky type and quite demanding about her desire to be the recipient, she calmed down when she cuddled up with Edna’s donated blanket. She offered a muffled-thank you but had a big smile because she had gotten her way.

I think that Edna would want her to have it! And even though her behavior was like a four-year-old child having a temper tantrum, I am glad that I gave it to her.

It made me pause and think There but for the grace of God go I. I would definitley feel frustrated if I were living with a bunch of people and pondering my problems all day from a wheelchair. She was not elderly, probably close in age to me. I am 61.

Lots of losses and changes when you are on the young side and living in a nursing home; couldn’t go to my favorite church, no more running to the refrigerator for a salad or an apple pie slice in the middle of the night, getting up and down several times a day to check my email, nor sitting in my favorite chair……yes, I have to admit, I would be more than a little cranky too.

So glad that I was able to share a little of Edna’s love by giving her the pretty pink breast cancer awareness blanket and a cute little bear sporting a green sweater.

I hope Edna is smiling from Heaven above. Her gifts of blankets and bears, donated by her daughter Esther are touching hearts and building bridges!

And teaching me a lesson about not judging another person’s behavior until I have walked in their shoes.

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