Stefanie’s stuffed animals

Dear Patricia,

I recently read an article about how you visit the seniors in nursing homes and give them stuffed animals to enjoy. I thought, what a wonderful idea ! My daughter passed away 10 years ago and I still have her stuffed animals that she so cherished. I’d love to see someone else get the enjoyment out of them that she did. My daughter was 19 years old when she was taken from me. She loved to draw, make crafts, played the piano beautifully and spent many weekends at the Jersey Shore fishing and crabbing. I have many pictures, drawings and all the wonderful gifts children make for their moms throughout the years along with many memories. If you could pass her treasures onto someone to enjoy them rather than just having them sit in a closet I know she would love that and so would I.
Thank you, DB


A lady responded: “D.B. I imagine no one can fathom the pain of losing a child unless they’ve gone thru it. As a young teenager my oldest brother took his own life. It changed our family forever, I have a sense looking back now we’ve been stuck in a perpetual state of grief. I with my own and what I felt from my parents. I cannot even allow myself to imagine their pain of losing a child having my own. I didn’t share with my boys until they were in their thirties the real cause of my brothers passing for fear they may believe it as an option…a permanent solution for dealing with a temporary problem. The experience has created in me a fierce protection instinct. Fueled by not only my compassion and love for my family but anyone who feels so hopeless to be swayed to turn to this option but also fueled by my need to protect lose left behind from insensitive hecklers. Yes unbelievable, but there were. I searched every available source of reading over the years to get myself thru it, when it happened I was a young teenager and the people around me were frozen in that same space, they couldn’t help me. Eventually I sought out a therapist. There are so many things in life we can never make sense of but we can help someone who we see”

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