To all of the nice people who have donated things for me to bring to nursing home residents

cora leeAmy's gifts Secret SantaDear Friends,

So sad that the people who are the recipients of your kindness and gifts are not at the capacity that they can express their thoughts in a note of thanks. Arthritis, minds not clear, dementia…..poor souls without a note card or pen in most cases.

Honestly, in many places, the residents are limited to being in their beds, without a lot of motivation left in their bodies and hearts. Please be assured that when we bring in your gifts and surprises, they perk up, smile and are very happy to have the new things.

A pair of slippers, a bathrobe, a pair of socks, lotion, a toothbrush, shampoo, a tissue paper corsage, sugarless candy, sugarless gum, toothpaste, body spray………they are very big gifts.

They are so unexpected, colorful and just convey that somebody cares. They smile and are happy……and that is why I appreciate what you have done so very much.

Please share with anyone else that has helped you gather the gifts that their generosity and holiday spirit are so appreciated by people who no longer can thank people in the ways that they used to – with a call or note of thanks. I am wishing you a wonderful Christmas and my very sincere gratitude for your help with this project.

With gratitude and admiration,

Trisha Gallagher

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