Stefanie’s stuffed animals – A note that I just sent to her mother.

Her teenage daughter died tragically and she wanted to give me her stuffed animals to share with the people that I visit. Heartbreaking.

Hi Denise,
I have been thinking about the special box sitting by my front door with the stuffed animals. I want them to go to special people who really need to feel the love. Over the weekend, I was going to take them to an AIDS Hospice on Erie Avenue where I have been before…….but then today I decided to take them to a nursing home in Philadelphia, right off of Rising Sun Avenue. I am going to be there at 1:45 pm today and I am going to look into the eyes of the residents and really see who needs something to cuddle and hold.

Stefanie will be there today and your gifts will be warming a dozen hearts about an hour from now. I know this was so hard for you to do. I am trying to put myself in your place in my mind and ……it is impossible for me to imagine. May God bless you and all of the ladies who will have a little bit of Stefanie’s love in their arms today.

With gratitude and prayers,

And this is what happened:

What people said:
I love this angel stuffed animal. It plays music. Nobody is going to get this from me. Not even my grandchildren. They have enough of their own. I am going to put her right on my bed. Oh, I just love her!

Why do I like this one? Well, first of all because it is so big. I will feel like I have company in my room; I am going to pretend that this is my companion.

I am going to take this one right back to my room. I do not want anyone to steal it or get it dirty. I like it because it has a dress on and looks fancy. I like to look fancy too.

I wish I could post the pictures of the residents holding the stuffed animals. I took some pictures to show Denise, Stefanie’s mother but I do not have permission to publish them publicly but I wish that I could because the dozen stuffed animals that Denise donated warmed so many hearts today and filled a room with smiles. And love from a mom and daughter.

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