Do you have any costume jewelry that you no longer want?

Around Christmas time, a few of my friends donated some seasonal necklaces, pins, earrings and bracelets. The women in the senior living communities loved the bangle bracelets and bright assortment of costume jewelry.

So this is what I just posted on my Facebook page. Perhaps, you have some jewelry that you no longer need. Please nothing tarnished or used-looking. I can place the items in little boxes with cotton and I am sure the trinkets will be so appreciated! Thank you

Oh, another nice thing that the ladies in the nursing homes would love to have – your cast-off costume jewelry. It has to look new because of course, they are very fussy about what I bring in to the residents. So if you have any of the patriotic red, white and blue necklaces and bracelets, or the seasonal pins and clip on earrings or if you have any jewelry that is “small” for me to take – that would be great. The 11,550 stuffed animals that I collected over the past 3 years took up all of the room in my car and my basement. Time to move on to a new giveaway to the sweet ladies – many of whom do not have any family or friends that visit. Thank you!

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