What residents were saying

I love pachyderms. Did you know that there are African elephants and Indian elephants? I collect elephants and look at the stuffed animal that you gave me – another pachyderm to put on my bed. Do you knpw the difference between the African and Indian elephants? Sometime when you have some free time, maybe you could come back and we could talk about the elephants.

That lady in the next bed screams during the night. She was an Army Captain. She starts about 4 am and screams about 50 times until 6 am. It is really un-nerving for me. I do not get a good night’s sleep anymore. But what can you do? She can’t help it.

My grandson Kyle was killed in Iraq. He had this crazy idea that he wanted to join the military and jump out of planes and that is what he did. He was such a cute little boy, blonde hair and blue eyes.

My husband died in a flash explosion at the steel plant. Well, he didn’t die right away. He died four years later but he lost his life as we knew it when that accident happened. Can you imagine the heat of a steel plant burning your body in an explosion? My son is coming to take me shopping now. Did you ever hear of a store called Bozcov’s. I hear they have some good bargains there!

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