Saw an old friend now living in a nursing home

I took 25 bouquets of flowers to a nursing home last week and saw the mother of two students that I taught in 4th grade in 1970 and 1971. I recognized their mother who lives at the nursing home. Here is the note that I received from the “little 4th grader” who is now in her late 40’s!

“Miss Mohan”,
Hi and thank you for the flowers for my mom. This is Nina and I was so thrilled to get your note. I called Angela today when I was at mom’s place and she was as thrilled to hear from you. She is in California and I am in Plymouth Meeting. She comes out every few months to see mom and we get time together also. I missed going to see her last week since I was sick and missed seeing them and you. What are you doing at the nursing home and how often do you go? Maybe we can connect and catch up? I finish teaching this Thursday for three weeks – are you going back to the nursing home during that time? Let me know, I have to go – family is calling.
Talk soon,

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