A birthday but no presents for this lady

The activity director took me from room to room to give the bouquets of flowers donated by Trader Joe’s to the residents in a Philadelphia nursing home. In room 202, a 94-year-old lady opened her half-closed eyes and then teared up when I gave her the flowers. She said, “For me? Who are they from? Today is my birthday.” I looked around the room. There were no birthday cards on her bureau, no helium balloons, no sign of a birthday remembrance. No opened presents, no floor littered with wrapping paper as in days gone by…..no presents from the grandkids…forgotten? Was she without a family? No one to belong to? It is a “gift” for me to be able to do this.

I do not think it is any “accident” that I am following my arrow….no matter where it points. I never thought it would point to being the Flower Lady…..6 weeks of delivering flowers, just hit the 1800 mark……1800 bouquets of joy, in cellophane with little hearts on the wrapping. Thank you, Trader Joe’s for this wonderful way to start my day!

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