She really needs something to lift her spirits.

When I went into Lillian’s room, the activity director whispered, “She really needs something to lift her spirits. She cannot walk anymore and she just had to give up her cat. Her niece took the cat to California.” The lady was sitting in a big chair. The small room was decorated with cat statues, bookends, mugs and picture frames with frisky kitten faces displayed. “I brought you a little bouquet,” I said. “Oh my golly, then you must have heard that Baby died.” “Who is Baby?” I asked. “Baby was my lap cat. Sat on my lap for many years. But now that I cannot walk, I couldn’t keep her anymore and had to give her up. My niece took her on a plane in a crate. I just got the bad news that Baby died. My heart feels broken. But the good part is that she said Baby died peacefully. I took good care of BABY and she gave me more comfort than I could ever imagine. I wish that I could cuddle with her again.”
Lillian held the bouquet closely and seemed to nod off to sleep.

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