Faith lesson today from a resident!

I wasn’t going to go into the man’s room. There were so many ladies sitting in the hallways in their wheelchairs. I gave about ten bouquets to the CNA’s and nurses that give their all to their patients. I had 32 bouquets. I went into the lunch room too. So with two left, I went into Lester’s room. “Oh, so you are from West Philadelphia? My daughter lives down there. There are so many beautiful old houses down there but she lives in an area that makes this mom nervous,” I said. Lester said, “I know about worrying about kids. Mine are adults now. But, Sis, this is what you have to do. You have to put all of your kids and cares in the care of God. If you trust God, you won’t feel so nervous. He is the captain of the winning Team! Just reach out your hands to Him.” He held the bundle of flowers and thanked me effusively for the gift and asked if I could put another bouquet on the table for his room-mate who was not there. All flowers gone. Mission accomplished. And I thanked him for the gift of his message of Faith!

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