Back to bring the flowers – I was a little short yesterday

I carried two bags of flowers in with me. I started passing them out.

Oh no, I am six short. I saw there was another table of ladies waiting expectantly for their bouquets. I just stood there and made an announcement as if I worked there. ” I am so sorry that I do not have enough for everybody but I will be back tomorrow, I promise.” The silent room broke into a spontaneous applause….clapping hands saying Thank you. So, that is where I am heading right now.

A man with a walker stopped me on the way out. “Miss, can you bring some over for the men too?” Another lady said, “That is just the first ‘setting’ for lunch. That is what they call it, a ‘setting’ – there is another group coming down for their meal at noon. Maybe you could bring some extra for them.”

You bet I will. It would be my pleasure.

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