” I Like Watching All of the Smiles.”

Every day Trader Joe’s donates dozens of beautiful bouquets of flowers for me to take to senior living communities. The link below tells of the origin of The Flower Project.

This is what happened today when we delivered flowers:

I went to visit a friend in a senior living community. My mother carried a bag of flowers and I clumsily tried to manage the other two trash bags filled with the $9.99 “day-old” bouquets of fresh flowers. I said a quick Hello to him and then started passing out the flowers to all of the ladies sitting in the lobby.

The Director of Nursing took me up to the BINGO room to surprise the residents with an unexpected gift and then up and down the hallways, in and out of rooms – seeing people watching their favorite preacher on television, a lady wanting to show me her grandson’s baseball photo, a lady telling me about the grief she felt when her husband passed away.

Then, with all of the flowers delivered, I went over and chatted with my friend. On the way home, my mother remarked, “You didn’t even give one to your friend. He must have felt left out about that.” OMG, how rude of me. I called him about an hour later and he said, “Don’t even think about it. I liked watching all of the smiles.” Thank you to Trader Joe’s for letting me be THE FLOWER LADY.

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